custom snare drums
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Jalapeno PsalmDrumPsalmDrum

New in 2006 was the release of official Psalm Drummers product: The PsalmDrum.

The drum is a 16x16” shelled marching drum. The shell construction is that of the Elite Series, making it lighter to carry, and also enhancing the bottom-end tones; perfect for the drum’s role as the bass section in a performance band. The finish on the drum is a custom made plastic wrap, featuring the Psalm Drummers’ official logo, and also making it resistant to rain for those unfortunate moments when the weather takes a turn for the worst!

The drum also features wooden “clatter-pads” on the sides, allowing it to give a loud, percussive clatter sound without damage being done to the shell of the drum. The drum is intended to be worn / marched with, but floor tom leg brackets and legs can be added to the drum at the time of ordering for a small additional cost.